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Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet Mary Tillinghast and the Quilt is finished

Mary Tillinghast, Sheepish Antiques
36 ct Lakeside Linens vintage examplar, called for AVAS silks, 1 over 2
She is complete now. I haven't decided whether I will frame her yet or not. I would like to do all of my Rhode Island Samplers first and then have them framed at the same time, so they can hang together. Hubby, as a carpenter, does not like holes all over the walls, so a person needs to know where they are going to hang items and NOT move them. LOL  I just tell him I'll put some toothpaste in the holes...he doesn't think it's funny.

I have to laugh every time I look at Mary because if you look at the bottom yellow and blue freehand flowers, located on the left and right, you will see that my right side ones are waaay bigger and that would be because I was on pain killers for some minor surgery that I had this week.  They look like they are on steroids. LOL
Mr. Cooper oversaw the photo shoot for the sampler.  He is now a rock star on face book and when I told him that, he wanted to know if he could be in the next post. I said that he would have to share with his sister dog, HoneyBear, and he walked off pouting. Cats.

It was a beautiful morning in the Helena Valley.

My view out my kitchen window over the green fields.

The view out of the front door, to the Elkhorn Mountains.  Eagle eyed facebookers said it was a cat or a rabbit in the clouds...good catch!
Northern Bullock Oriole
The Quilt is done!  But, it gets its own post because I want to put the binding on and wash before presenting her to the world.

HoneyBear demanded equal time as the "dumb" cat. She truly thinks that Mr. Cooper is inferior. Can't you see it in her eyes?

Hey look what came! Such a lovely book.  The samplers are incredible. Hail Specimen of Femal Art's more like a book than a catalog.

Ann Rayner is squaking to get finished so I guess I'll keep my attention focused. I've got the other samplers locked behind a closet door so I can't hear their pleading to get worked on too.

In Stitches,