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Friday, March 6, 2015

No Rest for the Ailing

Although I have been home all week with a sinus infection, I am a true believer that if you can sit upright, you can stitch! (never mind going to work because there is alot of other "stuff" to deal with when you are around people and who feels well enough to do that?).  Here is what I accomplished:

Blue Piney was stuck with 11 needles, each with 24" of thread trailing behind...that's over 250" of thread and to be honest, it wore me out that day.   I have 9 piney's left to stitch...that is how I do my countdown to be done on this one.  To relax, I stitched on this beauty:

Oops, too much light behind the linen. It was hanging on the railing outside.
Sarah Hatton McPhail is developing before my eyes...such an exciting sampler to watch come to life. She is at the top of my favorites.

I cut out 7 block pieces for the dahlia quilt blocks that I am hand piecing. These were already pieced. I know, not enough to make a quilt, yet.

I did knit a bit in the vehicle on Sunday, coming back from Missoula, because my husband wouldn't let me knit while going there....I was driving.  But, it's a bit boring, garter stitch strips in blues, to later be sewn together, so no a later date when I feel more accomplished in the strips. Ha!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear blogger....

Why does the uploading of photos and making a post have to be so difficult?  I think I have to go medicate with a pepsi after trying to get these photos uploaded....oh man, talk about stress!
After years of enjoying other peoples blogs I have finally taken the plunge...kind of like a baby's first bath...first very delicate and apprehensive, but soon will feel like old school and we'll be splashing around.  Bear (lol) with me as I learn. I will try not to complain too much each time I try a post.
A decision has to be made...quilt or stitch the sampler...I think I'll do a bit of both today.  I am off work for the day so stitching is on the calendar.
Blue Piney, hand pieced, hand quilted, ca. 1990's



Sarah Hatton McPhail from the Essamplaire

Would you like for me to press it next time? LOL 

Why do these pictures come out so pixilated? ugh...there is obviously a lot that blogger and I have to come to terms on and they may be the winner.
Stay stress free with your favorite beverage and stitch on!