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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stitching Update - Includes a Finish

Let's jump in with a finish since the last time we visited; it's been a while!

Ann Rayner
Threads Thru Time
32 ct Lakeside Linens Strawflower
DMC 2 over 2
Ann was an exciting stitch for me. I love red/green and larger people figures. The over one lambs about caused me to have lamb stew a few times!

I have quite a few starts, but I can't show them all here because no one has that kind of time to devote to reading blogs!

Susan Singleton
Scarlet Letter
36 ct Lakeside Linens Lt Exampler
AVAS Silks

Wisdom Sampler
Vermillion Stitchery
36 ct Lakeside Linen, Magnolia
NPI Silks
I thought you might like to see what it's like in my head. This is what happens when you are not sure of what you really want. I have to stitch it in all different counts and threads. I ask myself on a daily basis, why can't you just stitch it as charted? 

Here are three of the same birds, Saxony, by GigiR. The first one is overdyed cottons with a few color changes.

This second one is in silks, picked by me.

This third one is overdyed cottons, called for in the pattern. 
You will notice that his beak is missing because I didn't
like how it looked; and it was in a creme color. 

Charlotte Clayton and I are going to part ways in the near future. Either that or I am going to change some of the dusty greens. I can't abide by stitching with colors that aren't going to show up on the sampler.
Charlotte Clayton
36 ct Lakeside Linens Meadow Rue
NPI Silks

A bit of knitting to show. A fair isle vest in the works, knit in Shetland Wool.

Mr. Cooper says to look quick because he's not allowed up here for an extended time.

Stay tuned for more works in progress.

Tip: did you know that a seam ripper is the best tool for removing stitches? Just put it under the top cross and slide across the row. Turn over and pull out stitches.

In Stitches,